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"Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it"
  Nelson Mandela
The Trauma Centre

Summary of Intervention Specific to Emergency Responders

Police - dispatch, parking enforcement and summons, special constables, station operator, administrative support, rank form constable to senior management for policing agencies (municipal, provincial, national, international, corrections, transit, public agencies, rail, universities).

Military - Active and Veterans - Canadian and US, as well as deployed police.

Fire - dispatch, fire prevention, investigation, fire equipment maintenance, all ranks for municipal and regional fire services and fire marshall.

Paramedic - primary response for all levels of paramedic crew and admin support for critical incidents and large scale health issues (H1N1).

ER - areas of staff include ER nurses, doctors, critical care, ICU, palliative care and medical mgmt.

Critical incidents range from line of duty motor vehicle accident, line of duty death, colleague death, drive by shooting, multiple vehicle fatalities, emergency responders taken hostage, stabbed, shot, beaten, death threats, witness to murder/suicide, physical and sexual assaults of children, death of children, adolescents, adults, officer-assisted suicide, dangerous pursuits, horrific incidents of violence or magnitude (child homicide, war, peace keeping, disaster response and mock disaster training).

Related critical incidents include first responder charged while on duty, off duty, demotions, documented, workplace harassment criminal harassment, sexual assault, arbitration hearings, SIU investigations, WSIB investigations, attending court as witness.

Personal/Family Issues include alcohol/substance abuse, gambling/sexual addiction, domestic violence, marital discord, separation, divorce, litigation, bankruptcy, bereavement, family dysfunction, children as young offenders, unresolved childhood trauma, mental health issues such as depression, anxiety disorders (PTSD, OCD, GAD, BDD) etc.

Intervention Experience: CISM, therapy, training, education, consulting and disaster response.


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